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Air Occupy is broadcast and netcast live every Tuesday morning at 11:00 a.m. EST on, 1380 AM in Ormond Beach, Florida. Listen to our most recent show: Corporate Constitutional Rights & the Climate Crisis w David Cobb, Move to Amend.

This Week's Show

This week on Air Occupy, we speak with Dr. Rodolfo Dirzo regarding his recent research on what may be the beginning of the Earth's Sixth Mass Extinction. Dr. Dirzo is a senior Fellow at the Standford Woods Institute for the Environment and Bing Professor in Environmental Science at Stanford University. Additionally, he heads the Dirzo Lab in the Department of Biology at Stanford. Dr. Dirzo specializes in the ecology of tropical ecosystems. Specifically, he studies plant-animal interactions from ecological and evolutionary perspectives. Recently, he has focused on the consequences of anthropogenic impact (deforestation, fragmentation, defaunation) on tropical ecosystems, particularly in terms of the disruption of ecological processes, such as biotic interactions. His passion is environmental education at all ages and we look forward to hearing the information he will present on his latest research.

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